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Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence!!

For 60 years we have primarily served Fine Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Country Clubs, Churches, Rental, Aviation & Electronic Companies, now you too can have the same commercial grade products!

StainlessMate® removes tarnish, cleans and polishes 18/0, 18/8 & 18/10 fine stainless steel in seconds without scrubbing and polishing. It is the best stainless steel cleaner available!

Using a dishwasher can leave a dark film and spotting on your fine stainless steel leaving it looking dull!, using StainlessMate before washing will prevent these problems. Keeping your fine stainless steel looking new!

Fast & Easy- It comes ready to use. There is nothing to add & no mixing required! Simply pour StainlessMate into a non-metal container, completely submerge the object in the solution and agitate it for up to 30 seconds. You will immediately see the tarnish and dark film begin to disappear! Rinse the object in cool tap water and dry it with a soft cloth.

REUSABLE- Save Money!! It can be reused without losing its original strength; store in original or non-metal container with a lid to prevent evaporation. When cleaner becomes cloudy because of dirt and tarnish, simply filter by straining through a cotton cloth.

We will ship to Canada, Mexico & Internationally see our shipping info page

Larger quantities 3.5 gal., 5 gal. up to 55 gal drums are available!