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            Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence!!

For 60 years we have primarily served Fine Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Country Clubs, Churches, Rental, Aviation & Electronic Companies, now you too can have the same commercial grade products!

In a commercial kitchen, it is almost impossible to keep marks off of china. Gray and black marks come from utensils and other metals that come in contact with the china. Using bleach is a serious mistake!, often made in an effort to remove the marks. Bleaching removes the glaze from china and often leaves a chalky look.


ChinaMate® removes black and gray marks from the face of fine glazed china. It is reusable, does not contain bleach, and will not remove glaze from china. Our ChinaMate is 100% safe to use on fully glazed china.


ChinaMate® extends the usable life of china and is recommended by top china manufacturers.

When kept filtered, the cleaner will last indefinitely.


  • "Our test showed that the product perfectly cleans the chinaware from stains obtained in conjunction with metal surfaces in the dish washing or preparation areas."

    Claude Peiffer,Villeroy & Boch Hotel Division Director


    REUSABLE- Save Money!! It can be reused without losing its original strength; store in original or non-metal container with a lid to prevent evaporation. When cleaner becomes cloudy because of dirt and tarnish, simply filter by straining through a cotton cloth


    ChinaMate® is primarily used by and designed for commercial kitchens with fine china. Fine china used in many homes normally will not see the same great results.

    Larger quantities 3.5 gal., 5 gal. up to 55 gal drums are available! Call 1-800-666-7681 for quote