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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to dilute the cleaner with water?
: The cleaner comes ready to use. No dilution is required.

Q: Would soaking be better for heavily tarnished items?
: No. Our products are activated when you agitate the item in the liquid. Soaking will not help,
it isn't good to soak any metals for extended periods in a liquid as it can harm them.

Q: How long will this cleaner possibly last?
: When kept clean by frequent straining, the solution will last indefinitely.

: How often can I clean my silver with this solution?
A: As often as desired. Unlimited.

Q: Can I use my dishwasher for my silver?
A: Keep silver out of the dishwasher! It can harm your silver

Q: What is the best way to use the cleaner?
A: The best way, pour cleaner into plastic tub and immerse the piece to be cleaned totally in the liquid, agitate it in the
solution. Lift it out to determine if all tarnish is gone. If not, put the piece back in the cleaner. When satisfied with the
cleaning action rinse the piece in clear water and dry with a paper towel or soft cloth. Nothing else is required.

Q: Can I clean my jewelry in the silver cleaner?
A: Gold, diamonds, sterling silver jewelry may be safely cleaned in SilverMate® cleaner. It is the finest and absolutely
safest cleaner one can use. No other cleaner can make gold and diamonds sparkle, as does SilverMate®. Caution:
Never put pearls or any jewelry encrusted with semiprecious stones i.e. turquoise, rubies, onyx, sapphires, lapis, and
others in this cleaner. It can bleach their color.

Q: What if my tray is too big to put completely under the cleaner?
A: Assuming the tray "etc." is rectangular in shape put one end in the cleaner and with a cloth or cotton ball wash
down the top half with the liquid then, reverse ends (Note: A sponge is not recommended). The purpose is to put
ample cleaner on the part that is not immersed. The cleaning action should be completely satisfactory.

Q: Can I use the StainlessMate® on sterling or silver plates?
A: It will do no good. Silver, silver plate and gold require SilverMate® Silver cleaner vice versa. 18/10 Stainless
requires StainlessMate®. Following the recommendations of the company produces outstanding results.

Q: Can I clean silver and copper coins in SilverMate® Silver cleaner?
A: All silver coins may be safely cleaned in SilverMate® cleaner. It performs better than any other cleaner on the market.
It requires no rubbing and leaves no residual odors, therefore impossible to visually determine coin has been cleaned.
The StainlessMate® is remarkable in its ability to clean copper coins. It produces outstanding results.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning?
A: Return the cleaner to SilverMate® Company for an absolute money back guarantee.



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