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SilverMate Company-best silver plate cleaner and sterling polish

Cleaning Solutions for: Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass, Stainless, & China

Silver cleaner is what SilverMate Company has been producing since 1952 and is the best silver polish available anywhere.  SilverMate manufactures the best brass cleaner, best copper cleaner, best stainless cleaner and best china cleaner, also, which makes it easy for hotels, restaurants, rental companies & churches to clean and polish silver, brass, copper, stainless, and china.  These widely used cleaners are now available in a convienent ½ gallon so you can see how remarkable and easy these products are.

SilverMate liquid silver polish SilverMate® is the leading liquid silver polish and cleaner for sterling, silver plate and gold. Takes only seconds to polish and clean silver. SilverMate is also a superb cleaner for your fine jewelry.
BrassMate BrassMate® is an instant brass and copper cleaner and polish. It is truly the best brass and copper cleaner available!
StainlessMate stainless steel polish StainlessMate® polishes and cleans 18/10, 18/8 & 18/0 stainless steel. It's fast, easy, and environmentally friendly.
ChinaMate refurbishes fine china ChinaMate® removes black and gray marks from the face of fine glazed china. It is reusable, does not contain bleach, and will not remove glaze

You can call us any time at 1-800-666-7681 for more information.

When kept filtered, the cleaner will last indefinitely.


Our cleaners have distinct advantages:

  • Clean in seconds
  • Follow the same simple cleaning process using SilverMate, BrassMate & StainlessMate. ChinaMate is a soaking solution and uses a different process.
  • Safe, detergent free, nonabrasive, nonflammable, and environmentally safe
  • Can be reused indefinitely


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